April, 2017

Let’s Go Back to Summer!

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The summer has ended and the fall season begins. I can say, summer season was my perfect and beautiful experience that I want the whole world would know.


Every summer season, the tourism industry is getting ready to give services to the people who want to spend the time to enjoy and relax, but fewer expenses. They post advertisements and promotions to some social Medias to invite people to stay at their place with a very low package rates from air fare to hotel and tour accommodation.


Beach resort is one of the relaxing places to stay during summer season. Most of the kids love to swim and paddle over the sea, while some are on the seashore taking sunbathing. I had the best luck in Queensland where resorts are seemed to be the perfect place to those who want to spend more time swimming and relaxing.


Some love to take a vacation trip to enjoy beautiful views and spending the time to take photos as a souvenir. I would suggest booking ahead of time for lower airfare if you are planning to go on a vacation trip. As what I have experienced, I was able to save money and time and had the best plan for my destination. And of course, consider the nice but not too expensive place to stay like hotel or beach resort.


A hotel is also a great place to stay if you want more romantic and relaxing place. Hotel facilities and staff are the things you will have to consider before booking. You can read reviews from the people who stayed there before you, so you will have an idea what kind of place you are planning to go to.  As a hotel guest, you are allowed to use the hospitality suites such as the lounge area, swimming pool, restaurant, bar, and the lobby area. Hotel staff’s duties are to welcome and serve you and attend your necessities. In that way, they will showcase their hospitality service. They are trained to do good manners and right work etiquette. They are educated not to enter the room if the guest is not around, but housekeepers are allowed to clean the whole room and change beddings with the guest permission. It doesn’t hurt if tip share is not given to a hotel attendant, yet, most guests give just a little share.


While staying at the hotel or resort, make sure to try eating at their restaurant and experience the world class customer services of the waiters and waitresses, even the receptionist. Forget not to take photos of your hotel room and some of the beautiful spots of the place. And lastly, buy some souvenir that you can keep as a remembrance of your wonderful stay.


Be wise and choose what fits your budget to have a relaxing mind. Make sure to enjoy and create memories!

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