April, 2017

Let’s Differentiate Leadership and Management

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What comes into your mind when you hear the word “Leadership”? How about “Management”? Do we have the same thing in mind? Well, I think we’re not; all of us have a different understanding about these two words, leadership and management. The word leadership means handling or leading a group of people or an organization and has an ability to do the task given. A leader should be flexible, smart, and courageous enough because he can be the strength of his people under his team or organization. On the other hand, management is focused on the scale and is more on the details.

Many of us might think leadership and management have the same meaning, but both two are different. The leader sets many visions and broad the plans while manager works it and does everything that is needed to achieve the plan.

What is the importance of Leadership and Management?

Organisation or business needs a people who are leadership and management oriented. With poor leadership and good management, they will be able to execute everything very well but will able to do those things without any consistent direction and strategy. With good leadership and poor management, a company can succeed in their goal, but can’t execute the plan on how to get there.

Can one person perform both?

Good leaders and good managers can’t be one person, but there are few people that excel both. They tend to be overwhelmingly successful in achieving their goals in life. Leadership and management skills are some ways opposite from one another, long term versus short, detail oriented versus a big picture, etc.

It can be so difficult for one person to perform both because that person should split time between the two and excel. The organization that succeeds has a mix of individuals; it has people who excel in both leadership and management.

On the other hand, it’s good for a person to clearly understand where they excel at more, knowing the different characteristics of the two are important. Knowing how it takes to be a good leader makes you know more about yourself even if you actually know that you tend to be an effective manager.

10 key characteristics of an effective Leader
  • Stay positive
  • Confident
  • With sense of humor
  • Knows to handle pressure
  • Doesn’t communicate to give commands, will and give feedbacks instead
  • Knows how and when to delegate tasks
  • Helps people to grow
  • Takes responsibility and doesn’t blame members
  • Makes decisions by applying lessons learned in the past
  • Commits to do their very best and leads by example
10 key characteristics of an effective Manager
  • With superior communication skills
  • Leads with transparency and honesty
  • Supports employees with clear direction and removes their roadblock for them
  • Embraces technology
  • Motivated
  • Has expertise in the field
  • Productive and calm
  • Promotes cross-level and cross functional collaboration
  • Creates productive and lively work environment
  • Trusts employees
Can you be you be a good Leader and effective Manager?

When you possess all the above characters and apply them to yourself and to your team, I can tell that you can be a good Leader and an effective Manager of tomorrow.

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