May, 2017

Leaders Are Not Born, They Are MADE

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As a mere employee of the company I worked in, I often wonder how it feels to become a leader. I always envision myself leading and managing a team. So, how do we define a Leader?

Leader or leadership is an extensive word, and sometimes daunting to be one. A leader is someone who handles and manages its members. A leader is someone who sets clear goal or vision to his or her team, and then leads them through empowering and coaching them to reach their goals or vision. A leader monitors and distributes tasks to his or her colleagues.  However, is being a leader enough to become a good leader?

As to what I have observed, being a leader is not enough. One should not just know how to distribute, manage and monitors his or her team, but a leader must be a role model for the team. He or she is not just someone who can be always on top but is also someone whom you can talk to. He or she is someone who can be called an UPRIGHT leader.

The traits and roles of an upright leader are something that is constantly developed over the years. It is developed through how you deal and interact with your colleagues and mentoring them to become better employees. They are always eager to learn not just on improving or developing their skills but on to learning through the voices and concerns of the members they are handling. They know that there are a number of people relying on them. They are there to determine what’s best for their employees.

It’s not an easy work since it requires balancing the personality, conflicts, and interests of everyone they work with. There is no right answer or specifics on how to become a good or upright leader. One should discover how he or she will handle the team as he or she goes along with. What works better is discovering your own ways to lead the team. It will be an experimental process in which you have to identify what works best and what you have to reject. It will never be easy as you go. You may become the monster that your team has wished never to exist. But also, you can be a leader who’s everyone looks upon you and admire you.

Not all are recognized to become leaders. Most often, they personally train themselves to learn. It may be through personal experiences or the wisdom they get from others. Once you knew for yourself that you are effective in the advancement and success of your team, do not doubt your capabilities. But if there’s something lacking, it may be a good time to pause and think. Remember, the respect and admirations from the people around you are not automatically given: it is earned.  

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