April, 2017

Keys To Being A Good Leader

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Managing your own work, managing employees, and making sure the team is working cohesively can easily get overwhelming. However becoming a great leader isn’t something that happens overnight, but it can be achieved through hard work, discipline and a commitment to improvement through experience.


Being responsible for the well-being and success of many employees is a big task to take on. But great leaders have a unique talent for rallying people together and getting them passionate about working towards something amazing.


What makes a true leader?


First of all, a leader needs vision, an actual vision. He must have an ability to see something that makes his team and followers motivated to get up every morning and go to work. Leading is a very tough and not an easy task, so much to do, so much to think about, and is a big responsibility. It has a lot of pressures knowing that so many people are relying on you. Someone establishes clear rules and policies. Guides his team towards the goal of empowering them and coaches them for a better improvement.


Leadership has nothing to do with your job title and with the level of the hierarchy. Leaders can be anywhere, at any level of an organization.


Here are the important keys to being a good leader:
  • Understands how to deal with people of different walks of life
  • Has a very high emotional intelligence
  • Focuses and understands strengths; he always learn and strive for improvement
  • A great listener; he must have the power of listening. When your team member speaks, you listen and never conclude right away.
  • Must be a good communicator. Communication is the key to every team’s success.
  • Knows how to take complex things and turn those things to a simple one.
  • Knows how to recognize hard works. He must understand the value of saying “thank you” and learn to appreciate teamwork by giving awards and recognitions.
  • Encourages every one of the team to praise each other and creates a strong bond within the team.

According to the saying “Leaders are made, they are not born”, there is always the truth of this adage. At some point, the capabilities for great leadership are innate. However, learning how to become an effective and good leader is within everyone’s grasp – whether you lead teams, an entire organization, or just one staff member.

Leaders know if they failed on their pathways, they can try another way until they succeed. Becoming an effective leader is not a one-time learning, each failure is a lesson to learn and will make them more effective leaders. Think differently, build for tomorrow!

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