March, 2017

Hospitality Is About So Much More Than Entertaining

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Hospitality is about so much more than entertaining. It is about relationships toward the people around you and anyone who are hunting for human connection, love, and care. It is all about following God’s command to love human kind.

When we travel to other place or country, we always think of how their people welcome and treat us. Common scenarios are giving flowers, greeting with big smiles, welcoming with banners, and taking us to special restaurants. This is what I love travelling.

Hospitality can be shown in many ways. It can be learned from the place where we’ve grown up with and can be taught through trainings and proper education. Some places that showcase hospitality services are restaurants, hospitals, food chains, bars, and hotels. With my experience working as a service crew in a food chain, I have learned that providing a quality service such as treating customers in a friendly manner is a kind of hospitality service. Proper handling on upset customers must be exercised like listening to their complaints and avoid interrupting them while they are talking and feel bad about the bad service. With such good attitude, they leave the shop with a big smile and happy thoughts. You only have one chance to make a positive impression, so be at your best! It’s like your first dating, if you show up wearing a dirty, torn up shirt and stinky breath, you’re likely not to get a second chance.

A customer is the most important visitor on your premises; he is not dependent on us, instead, we are dependent on him. He is the purpose of it, not an interruption to your work. He is part of your business, not an outsider. And he is doing you a favor by giving us an opportunity to serve him.

This attitude is also being applied in the hospitals where most patients are fighting between life and death. As hospital nurses, doctors, and medical staff, it is their job to take care and attend the sick patients. They should always be prompt in providing medical assistance in a timely manner. It is their job to be sensitive to what every patient’s feeling and that they need to feel that they are not alone on this battle.

Same goes for the hotels. As hotel staff, if you make an amazing first impression, your guests are sure to come back. The satisfied guests will often overlook small issues, if you know how to properly welcome them. Hotel receptionist is also an example of providing hospitality services in a way that he/she possesses phone etiquette, proper accommodating and welcoming the guests, and handling customer complaints and commendations. Happy guests even give tip share to hotel housekeeping staff for providing excellent service. Every time you serve someone, you are giving them the special treatment, both physically and emotionally. A server gives it with full energy and emotional engagement to each guest. This is indeed a gift that has no guarantee that a given interaction is going to be emotionally rewarding, and that the tip will compensate the service and hospitality you provided.

Being hospitable is being caring to someone and is by nature for every individual. However, through trainings and proper education, we will develop our skills on how to please, accommodate, entertain, and provide hospitality services to anyone, regardless of their statuses in life. Trainings can be done in school, training centers, and online studies. Once you engage to hospitality trainings, you will be more oriented, skillful, and effective in handling people with high standards in getting customer service.

Many doors in hospitality industry are open for those who complete the course training and are willing to provide hospitality services to guests, customers, friends, and loved ones. Showing care and love to any one is not an obligation, but your choice. What I love from being accommodated is that I feel like I’m very important and cared. This is how other people feel when someone shows hospitality toward them.

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