Pre Training Review


(Trainer/Assessor to complete)

Trainers/Assessors must use this form to evaluate student’s Pre-Training Review to determine their LLN skills level and that the student is enrolled in a course according to their needs and abilities, and to recommend appropriate LLN, learning or other specific support arrangements. This form may be used to record any additional pre-enrolment evaluations undertaken (e.g. interviews).

Trainers/Assessors identify the language, literacy and numeracy information in the Training and Assessment Strategy or Training Packages to ensure appropriate training is delivered and assessments are fair, valid, flexible and reliable. They may also use the Australian Core Skills Framework as guidelines for their evaluation.

Pre-Training Evaluation Yes No
(1) Appropriate work experience and level of skill and ability to undertake this course successfully
(2) Appropriate language, literacy and numeracy level for this course
(3) Appropriate proposed assessment instruments, learning materials and strategies
(4) Enrolment in this course aligned with the student's work/career planss
(5) Student requires additional LLN support to participate in this course
(6) Student requires additional English, learning or other types of support to participate in this course
(7) RPL/ Credit Transfer suitable
The predicted student’s capacity to benefit from this course is?
Additional interviews or other pre-enrolment evaluation notes:
Areas requiring assistance / Recommendations for support or adjustment:
Other comments:
Trainer/ Assessor’s Recommendation:

Enrolment to proceed:

Enrolment to proceed with adjustments: