Leaders Are Not Born, They Are MADE


As a mere employee of the company I worked in, I often wonder how it feels to become a leader. I always envision myself leading and managing a team. So, how do we define a Leader?

Leader or leadership is an extensive word, and sometimes daunting to be one. A leader is someone who handles and manages its members. A leader is someone who sets clear goal or vision to his or her team, and then leads them through empowering and coaching them to reach their goals or vision. A leader monitors and distributes tasks to his or her colleagues.  However, is being a leader enough to become a good leader?

As to what I have observed, being a leader is not enough. One should not just know how to distribute, manage and monitors his or her team, but a leader must be a role model for the team. He or she is not just someone who can be always on top but is also someone whom you can talk to. He or she is someone who can be called an UPRIGHT leader.

The traits and roles of an upright leader are something that is constantly developed over the years. It is developed through how you deal and interact with your colleagues and mentoring them to become better employees. They are always eager to learn not just on improving or developing their skills but on to learning through the voices and concerns of the members they are handling. They know that there are a number of people relying on them. They are there to determine what’s best for their employees.

It’s not an easy work since it requires balancing the personality, conflicts, and interests of everyone they work with. There is no right answer or specifics on how to become a good or upright leader. One should discover how he or she will handle the team as he or she goes along with. What works better is discovering your own ways to lead the team. It will be an experimental process in which you have to identify what works best and what you have to reject. It will never be easy as you go. You may become the monster that your team has wished never to exist. But also, you can be a leader who’s everyone looks upon you and admire you.

Not all are recognized to become leaders. Most often, they personally train themselves to learn. It may be through personal experiences or the wisdom they get from others. Once you knew for yourself that you are effective in the advancement and success of your team, do not doubt your capabilities. But if there’s something lacking, it may be a good time to pause and think. Remember, the respect and admirations from the people around you are not automatically given: it is earned.  

Upgrade and Get Hired!


As you upgrade your skill through study and training, then you have what it takes to become a good leader. The learning process may take some time. However, with your own motivation to get hired, you need to think as positive as you can.

Many people fail in goal-setting. If you are one of those people then you need to start doing what it takes to achieve them. You can start doing what’s necessary rather than what you think you should do.

Getting the best career options are quite simply better. People nowadays are facing lots of pressure which are making them more stressful. In order for you to get that first best job, you need to invest in yourself.

Marketing yourself successfully and ensure that you stand out to potential employers. Work experiences are the essential part of your resume.  Investing is the long-term one but it’s the best that you can get.  One must give value to their own craft enabling them to learn how to reflect critically on their own.

Numerous people who are not always working with the same goal, they usually end up losing their jobs. Sometimes were fascinated with side hustles because they’re all we’ve got. Focus on your goal it’ll help you stay on track. We can set a monthly milestone or even a weekly milestone. These are one of the several ways to effectively track your goal.

Upgrading yourself is never an end to the journey of life improvement. Follow some expert advice to breathe new life into your contentment. Once you meet the right standard then it’s easy for you to get hired.

Never stop believing in yourself for there will be a wondrous way to life.

Expertise may not be a realistic goal but it may be encoded at the individual level. When you take actions about being responsible, you need to consider your way of living. One must act as an actor in order to portray what’s being asked for.

Start moving your career by accessing your resources and begin by taking the first step. Your future is in your hands. Success and failure may come along your way, but with great reverence, no one can turn you down. There’s a perfect peace in every endeavor.

Always remember that time wasted will never come back. So what are you waiting for, move to the next level. Set your goal, upgrade yourself and get hired!

Difficult Yet Pure and Wonderful!


Traditional painting is a handmade process built over time and has a physical presence. It is an accumulation of gestures, colours, and textures. The painted mark is at once a thing in itself and the thing that it describes. In this way, a viewer is always conscious of the painting’s making. The speed of the mark, fast or slow, and the time it takes to make a work become part of its meaning. Looking over a long time is like an attempt to merge with something outside of oneself. The dense accumulation of visual information, which is the product of this kind of looking, is different from how the lens and the eye usually see the world.

Painting is subjective. There is a kind of alchemy that happens when the visual information moves from the eye or mind to the brush. It’s an intuitive process. Achieving a likeness isn’t interesting in itself; it’s more of an entry point. A good portrait, for example, tells you what the person was like or how the artist viewed them. What the artist thinks or feels, consciously or unconsciously, is embedded in the work. Painting both represents the world and creates its own world. A viewer can, figuratively, enter a painting and occupy that space. A painting speaks about something lasting outside of the flux of daily life. As people, this is what we connect with.

When you paint, you’re in competition with painters of the past. You say to them: ‘It was easier for you. There was less competition from other art forms,’ you confront art history attempting to do something almost impossible: to interrupt its voracious flow with your own subjective sense of the world hoping to obtain a result that will feel active and not subservient to the past. This process can be humbling, since the paintings of artists you most admire continually rise up in the midst of your own work.

Painting and photography have so much in common but one essential difference is that the camera usually needs something physical to photograph, whereas a painting can be a representation of something that isn’t there yet, involving every sort of responsibility for choice and decision. And in the case of ‘figurative’ art, the original link is still in it to see. Also, in painting, there is the actual weight of paint rather than the appearance of weight and without mechanical intervention there is more obvious authorship, which is good or bad, depending on how you see things.

Our perception has many subjective filters – the mind, the body, the memory – and because of painting’s huge range of possibilities from representation to pure abstraction, it has the ability to invent and find surprising new forms for non-visible phenomena. The coloured vectors that often traverse the space in my paintings, for example in Breakers (2012), are an unconscious outpouring that takes the form of a spatialized cosmic doodle.

For symbolic, aesthetic, practical or economic reasons, the truth is that Painting has always been humanity’s favorite and most used artistic medium, along with music, the one with the greatest influence on society. Painting is difficult, yet pure and wonderful!

Creative Ways in Handling Stress


Feeling stressed in today’s society is pretty much unavoidable. But how the stress will affect you or when it usually happens, still stress can affect your daily endeavor. Without doing smart practices on dealing with difficult situations, a life could be as stressful as it can be. You may be feeling drained before the week gets over and the following week begins. Stress can cause gastric pain, headache, and can start the feeling of being burned out.


We all get stressed, but how do you deal with it? Do you still get a lot of sleep? Do you exercise more? Rethink your responsibilities? Well, all of these questions need to be addressed as they’re also – let’s face it – really boring.


To reduce the stress, you need to have some fun while doing it, considering these options instead:


  1. Get crafty by expressing yourself creatively. It is a great way to distract yourself from your problem. Plus, it’s relaxing and helps you release endorphins. Try listening to music, singing, drawing, or participating in some other kind of craft. Do you want to double the benefits? Creating visualization is stress-relieving because it entertains you and it inspires you to discover greater meaning in your life. 
  2. Do cuddle with an animal. Pets are great for your health in some ways. Petting an animal for just a few minutes can reduce stress, having an unconditional love from your pet can contribute a wonderful effect to your health. Try walking with your pet especially dogs– they’ve been bred to respond to human emotion, plus the mere act of walking can be stress-relieving too. Don’t you have access to a furry friend? Watching a video of an adorable animal can also help you diminish stress. 
  3. Have a vacation. Planning a vacation is the best way to sort the activities that you can do to release the stress. Having a long vacation will let you feel relax and think of the things that you can’t still do before. Mini-trips are great for recharging your energy. So, take a long weekend, or just head out on a day trip. 
  4. Perform a random act of kindness. Giving to others stimulates your brain’s relaxation responses, which is why being kind is great when you’re stressed. But don’t just donate money! Try volunteering, or simply perform a random act of kindness for either a stranger or someone you don’t know well. 
  5. Scream. Do you think screaming doesn’t sound fun? Think again! When you feel like you’re about to burst, screaming is an intense and secretly exhilarating way to release all your frustrations. Drive to a secluded spot or just scream into your pillow. You’ll be surprised how much better you feel. Just make sure to warn any loved ones if they happen to be nearby. 
  6. Break something. Just like screaming, shattering an object is a fun, cathartic way to reduce stress. Just make sure to break an object that you don’t want or need. And make sure you break it in a way that keeps everybody safe. You may need to find an insulated area or get some safety goggles. And be sure to wear close-toed shoes. 
  7. Talk to a friend. Are you going through a tough situation? Hashing it out with a friend can be a great way to work through your issues. Talk about some funny experiences, not stressful things. 
  8. Listen to a great song. Perhaps, it’s no surprise that listening to music releases dopamine in your brain. But do you know that music can also transport you to a different time? Pick a song from a less worrying period in your life and let it comfort you out. 
  9. Get in touch with your inner child. Do you ever wonder why children are never that stressed? Sure, it’s because they don’t have that many responsibilities – but it’s also because they have playtime. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to give yourself a playtime as an adult. All you need to do is get in touch with your inner childhood. So go have fun! Play tag, fly a kite, get some Play-Doh, and build Legos or finger paint. You’ll be surprised with the outcome; how much it can relieve stress. 
  10. Play games. Do you need a fun stress reliever at your workplace? Skip the Lego and go for games instead. Brain games like crosswords or Sudoku are challenging, thus they are stress-relieving. Go for a board game, or keep a deck of cards on your desk. 

We always have to think that stress can be anywhere but it is how we deal with it. Find the best option mentioned above that you think can really help you relieve from being drained. Forget about the things that may cause you frustrations and disappointments. Always think of happy thoughts and you will feel better!