Effective Small Business Planning


Planning a small business is not easy to manage especially the financial planning. But financial planning is not bad as hard as you have imagined. Most people are hesitant at this point in planning a business, maybe because they have not undergone passionate aim orientation or they are not trained for ‘borrow for tomorrow’. People may think if horrific result will fall on them if they get it wrong. In reality, it is normal that sometimes you will fail, just like anybody else.


If you feel that the proposal of a business of your own is exceptional, you have the result and necessary will to do it. But ‘numbers’ are just too difficult, yet in the long run; it is consider to leave this to a business partner or skilled bookkeeper. What I can advise is that you know bookkeeping, so that you can keep a sharp-eyed on your progression.


What should be the plan to be used in planning a business?

A financial plan allows you to start develop the value involved in running your business. It includes features like your startup costs, sales forecasts and cash flow budgets. It allows you to control the break-even sales point so you know how much earnings you can expect to make. It allows you to calculate your working capital and whether you need a source of wealth and, so if, what your sources of finance might be have and at what terms in it. Through your financial plan you will find what your desired returns from your business and how you’re going to get there to improve more. A financial plan is a prediction of future production for a business; normally it is prepared by using spreadsheet software. The financial plan is usually prepared as part of a total business planning procedure, throughout which target are set and master plan are chosen to help the business progress in the future year.


Another one is a business plan; it is all ideal until you start padding in the numbers and terms. The part about your marketing and action plans are fascinating to read, but they don’t mean a thing if you can’t explain your business with fine quantity on the base line. You can do this in a clear section of your business plan for financial predictions and statements. The financial section of a business plan is one of the most crucial parts of the plan if you have any goal of winning over investors or secure a bank loan. Even if you don’t need financing, you should organize a financial forecast in order to simply be effective in routing your business.


A small business plan is a plan that assists a small business owner to better lead cash flow by arranging for situations that could be an outcome in cash shortages, such thing as occasional variation in earnings. It describes what the financial section of a business plan is, what should be involved, and how you should apply it not only to take financing but to better handle your business. In business, it is easy to prioritize critical point of issues that must be taken care of on a day to day basis. The result of being too short-term oriented is that you may not spend more time planning with what needs to be done to develop the long-term business.


In this situation, you have to give attention on how to rightly cost your product or type of service. Remember that once you know the different costs involved in running your business, you will know how much to cover up all the liabilities. Be a smart business planner!


Good Customer Service At Its Best!


Satisfaction is the most important thing that we can give to our client. It measures on how the product or services reach to surpass the expectations of the client.

In security industry, we need to ensure our 100% services to protect and provide fast responses for any incident inside the premises. Security job is more likely dealing with many issues from confrontations to emergencies. It might not easy to do this job within the parameters while giving most proper good customer service to the people you have encountered. The basic role as security personnel is to help and protect, that is why you need to be physically fit. Security personnel must also possesses good listening skill, communication skill, and problem solving skill. These skills are major parts of providing quality customer service, if you are aiming for success of your job.

Security runs into interesting scenario that you need to be quick and alert to call the police officer and report of what has happened. There are some points that you need to listen first to your customers and your problem solving skill is being measured with. Communications come to handle the client and your co-worker as well. If you can communicate effectively and clearly, then you have an effective job in line with security industry. Proper communication is very important in this industry because it helps you do your duties and responsibilities quick and effective. For example, if there is someone who gets hurt inside your premises, you can easily provide help and give your accurate services right away. When you are in security industry, you need to be prepared at all times.

These are the right things to do as a security officer when trouble comes. First, examine your premises; observe the situation and make a plan on how to rescue; make sure to know if anybody has a weapon; and bring everyone in one near and safest place. Call police officers for rescue and report what has had happened. In this case, you must apply your training and self-defense experiences. If this is your first time encounter, better make a safest move, especially when you are dealing with life and death situations.

Always keep in mind, as Security Officer, you need to maintain professionalism. Give verbal warning to people who are creating commotions that will affect everyone’s safety and to people who continue making aggressive verbal communication. Educate the people about safety rules and how to protect one self. Encourage them to stay calm and think rationally when worst situations are happening. For everyone you protected and rescued, you’re their Hero!

Hospitality Is About So Much More Than Entertaining


Hospitality is about so much more than entertaining. It is about relationships toward the people around you and anyone who are hunting for human connection, love, and care. It is all about following God’s command to love human kind.

When we travel to other place or country, we always think of how their people welcome and treat us. Common scenarios are giving flowers, greeting with big smiles, welcoming with banners, and taking us to special restaurants. This is what I love travelling.

Hospitality can be shown in many ways. It can be learned from the place where we’ve grown up with and can be taught through trainings and proper education. Some places that showcase hospitality services are restaurants, hospitals, food chains, bars, and hotels. With my experience working as a service crew in a food chain, I have learned that providing a quality service such as treating customers in a friendly manner is a kind of hospitality service. Proper handling on upset customers must be exercised like listening to their complaints and avoid interrupting them while they are talking and feel bad about the bad service. With such good attitude, they leave the shop with a big smile and happy thoughts. You only have one chance to make a positive impression, so be at your best! It’s like your first dating, if you show up wearing a dirty, torn up shirt and stinky breath, you’re likely not to get a second chance.

A customer is the most important visitor on your premises; he is not dependent on us, instead, we are dependent on him. He is the purpose of it, not an interruption to your work. He is part of your business, not an outsider. And he is doing you a favor by giving us an opportunity to serve him.

This attitude is also being applied in the hospitals where most patients are fighting between life and death. As hospital nurses, doctors, and medical staff, it is their job to take care and attend the sick patients. They should always be prompt in providing medical assistance in a timely manner. It is their job to be sensitive to what every patient’s feeling and that they need to feel that they are not alone on this battle.

Same goes for the hotels. As hotel staff, if you make an amazing first impression, your guests are sure to come back. The satisfied guests will often overlook small issues, if you know how to properly welcome them. Hotel receptionist is also an example of providing hospitality services in a way that he/she possesses phone etiquette, proper accommodating and welcoming the guests, and handling customer complaints and commendations. Happy guests even give tip share to hotel housekeeping staff for providing excellent service. Every time you serve someone, you are giving them the special treatment, both physically and emotionally. A server gives it with full energy and emotional engagement to each guest. This is indeed a gift that has no guarantee that a given interaction is going to be emotionally rewarding, and that the tip will compensate the service and hospitality you provided.

Being hospitable is being caring to someone and is by nature for every individual. However, through trainings and proper education, we will develop our skills on how to please, accommodate, entertain, and provide hospitality services to anyone, regardless of their statuses in life. Trainings can be done in school, training centers, and online studies. Once you engage to hospitality trainings, you will be more oriented, skillful, and effective in handling people with high standards in getting customer service.

Many doors in hospitality industry are open for those who complete the course training and are willing to provide hospitality services to guests, customers, friends, and loved ones. Showing care and love to any one is not an obligation, but your choice. What I love from being accommodated is that I feel like I’m very important and cared. This is how other people feel when someone shows hospitality toward them.

Be the Head or take the Lead? Ensure Both.


Leading and management as complementary are correlated.  Leading is more about an act which people look after to a person who is able to be followed.  And it interprets into six qualities which are Visionary, Ardent, Bold, Wise, Substantial and Responsible. These qualities must be established on a day-to-day basis to be seen as real, in other words, how you act in large talks or discussions doesn’t make you a leader at all. Management is more of a craft; it’s primarily skill-based, just like cooking or carpentry. And again, those skills need to be exhibited on a day-to-day basis.


An internal process of self-reflection is primarily way in becoming a good leader. Seeing yourself as a leader, you must learn how to think and behave differently in a way that people see you as a leader, too. To become a good manager is primarily about improving your craft like creating excellent habits of speech, organization, and collaboration that allows people who work for you to be best utilized and focused on achieving the company’s goals.


Managers are people who do things right, while leaders are people who do the right things, according to Warren Bennis. But best bosses do more than thinking big because they have a deep understanding of their industries, organizations, and teams, as well as other seemingly mundane things. Providing an effective leadership is an essential element of a manager’s role. Without this leadership, the team may still achieve its goal, but it is not as efficient and in timely manner.


There has been much written about leadership in the past that leads to many different opinions on what makes an effective leader. These viewpoints range from the dictator to the uninvolved buddy. The key to effective leadership in the modern working environment is finding and using a style that is appropriate to the situation and the people involved.


According to Robert I. Sutton, Ph.D., focusing on management and leadership is treacherous even though it has a disparity. He sometimes mentioned that this theme when giving talks or workshops based on his book. He wrote posts on it for Harvard Business Review and his blog, Work Matters. But he didn’t realize how important the topic was or how worked up people got about it until he did a Good Superior, Bad Superior workshop for a dozen or so Executive Officers of huge high technology companies. He even said “yes, leadership is about things like taking a long-term outlook, vision, setting a strategy and also it is about operations, details, implementation, and the little things required to keep a team or an organization moving forward.


He certainly argued this difference was precise but treacherous because it twists how too many superiors at all ranks view and do their job. This actually urges superiors to see generating big and vague concepts as an imperative part of their jobs. Management work best done by the little people to treat operation or pesky details of any kind. A lot of superiors reveal on how to contemplate and act.


At the top of the nibbling order, there’s this same difference that could be seen among leaders. There’s an instance when one of the Senior Executive who spent a decade on the top team of a huge phone company revealed that his self-opinionated Executive Officer made a series of depraved decisions about deciding on what archetypes to develop and sell. It was out of touch with consumers because it had a little interest in technical details and refused to visit stores where phones were sold. As he cleared up to his board and team that his job was a tactic not supervision.


Regrettably, the story of the phone Executive Officer is way too emblematic. Superiors often make verdicts without considering restrictions for time and charge required to implement them. They are especially prone to suffer from the clever talk deception. Because in achieving things and making sure these should get done are errands for little people, not top dogs, A-players, or high potentials like them.

He has passion for all immense philosophies, ideas, and visions. One great case in point for that was Anne Mulcahy’s hard work to turn around Xerox was successful in part because of her in depth knowledge of the company’s maneuvers. She was mainly detail-oriented during the critical early years of her period of influence when Xerox was so close to failing.


This aptitude to go back and forth in the middle of the diminutive specifics and the immense picture is evident in the leaders which should be appreciated the most. We are not even rebuffing the distinction between leadership and management. In fact, the best leaders do something that might properly be called a mix of leadership and management for Real Leaders Are Also Managers!



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Tramps and Slogs to your Mastery

Sherwood Institute of Australia

Careers that are interrelated to any business venture like jobs associated to event-planning or even those with preparing a dough and batter may interest you, know that apart from all of these pursuits – there’s always a room for you in the hospitality industry and get to know more about it!

There’s this one perception from a chief economist of Galaviz & Company, a Las Vegas-based travel and leisure consulting firm – Jonathan Galaviz, that hospitality industry is actually has its two sides of the story; (1) Operational Side – which consists the front-line work and (2) Corporate Side – which promotes structure over creativity. Although most of us mull over and imagine more of distinct foods and its services also assembly/event planning when we think of hospitality jobs, there’s certainly plenty of opportunity on the business side as well. Moreover, there are vast possibilities to get involved with multinational development, market analysis and strategic scheme.

No matter which area of the industry fascinates you most, here are still some proficient tips for breaching into hospitality.

Market your Experience

Most of the managers who are tasked to hire new people for new set of jobs has this mentality that everyone can be as competent as skilled ones even on the entry-level tasks. And so because of this perception, one must know how to Market Ones Experience. Value what sets you apart and what makes you worth bringing. People who expresses their journeys with fervor, people who are expert of their own craft — those are people whose own dexterities resonate.

You’ll immensely be more noticeable if you have the passion in you for your hospitality career. And according to Galaviz, the prime inaccuracy that aspirants sort is that they are not concise with that they really aim for or their long-term purpose not just in this industry but as a whole. In fact, a number of new experts cross the threshold of hospitality industry in reality because they consider this to be more fun, but when in fact it reaches a larger scope on business matters – more critical and even more precise.

Appreciate the Treads

Among the copious number of people who are actually on higher posts or on top of hospitality management position started off on an entry-level job like waitstaff, bartenders, line cook, baker, technical support, reservations clerks or bookkeepers. These entry-level statuses are essential because this is where they nurture their character and provide you a possibility to see the business from being trivial to its wider latitude.

If you have a minimal familiarity or skill in this kind of industry, you’re not actually far behind on the fast pace of employment in hospitality industry – there’s still a lot that’s in store for you! Skill can be nurtured further. Little by little expose yourselves even you were just joining a slenderer enterprise like boutiques or restaurants until then you are more confident to indulge in a greater scale and that’s how you could appreciate more the treads beneath the cycle of this industry. Start your career in this kind of industry for there are countless spots to go through and many areas to grow in. It’s a guarantee!

You might probably think why exactly this industry is well-liked and why vast people aspire to work in it. Long working hours could possibly be very exhausting since the shifts can be long and arduous, on the other hand you’ll seldom catch someone with a hospitality career who doesn’t have an excitement to be on it. Take a glimpse of these five wonderful rationales why a career in hospitality is awesome!

  1. You leave a good mark to your people.
    Whether you’re a front desk clerk in magnificent hotel or a chef who’s cooking behind the scenes or even if you’re part of this involvement in this kind of industry, you sees to it that every outcome will be on good palate and value for the habitués because you know for yourself that every time you come into work you’re making someone’s day far better. It’s all about leaving notable smiles on them.
  2. You learn how to be more imaginative.
    On top of being a people-oriented industry, hospitality is ingenious. You are designing a product — be that food or an experience — and there’s always scope to dream up new ways of making it more enjoyable for your customers.
  3. It opens a lot of opportunities for you.
    Wherever you go – Hospitality Industry is always on the go and the abilities you acquire here are eagerly manageable, this simply means that a career in hospitality can easily be the key to discerning new realms, new principles and new people as well.
    There is such massive scope within the hospitality industry that there’s never any need for you to get caught in one function. You could actually stay with the same company and in the space of a few years, move between distinct jobs within the leeway. Isn’t it great?
  4. You can yield on early obligation.
    You can also create your way up the treads very quickly in hospitality. Just work hard, attain a qualification, get on with customers and associates and very soon, you’ll discover yourself in a higher managing position with people and projects.
  5. Great working atmosphere.
    In the workplace, it’s an assurance that this industry doesn’t hire people who are unfriendly to our customers, that is why the hospitality industry contains some of the most vivacious, dynamic and amusing people you’ll ever meet. You just don’t get good people, you as well have good bunch of friends to work with!


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How does it feel to be a Security Personnel?

Sherwood Institute of Australia

Without a doubt, I consider heroes those who risk their lives day by day just to protect our society and make it a better community – Like those who are part of the Police Forces, Firefighters, Security Field Marshal and Soldiers in Rank or members of our Armed Forces.

Forces from the Security Industry can definitely protect you even in their simplest ways. They are not just our typical heroes; they are of great importance to our societies. Imagine how they maintain a safe and secure environment for customers and employees by patrolling and monitoring premises and personnel. Those are not just because of their job or they are asked to do so, but as part of the Security Industry is unquestionably a calling.

Securing the premises and personnel by traversing not just a certain sequestered property but on unrestricted places as well like shopping malls or restaurants; monitoring surveillance equipment; inspecting buildings, equipment, and access points; permitting entry. Some even ensures operation of equipment by completing preventive maintenance requirements; following manufacturer’s instructions; troubleshooting malfunctions; calling for repairs; evaluating new equipment and techniques – these are just few of many functions of a Security Force.

For me to actually know roughly about how is it to be a Certified Security Officer, I requested a friend of mine to share some insights about how is it really to be one. He told me this, “Working in this industry might bring me to some places, like yes it sounds good but of course in reality our lives are on risk but again it’s a calling to be one. This is not just an obligation for work; it’s a job on purpose. We decided to take this track because we know the society needs us and that we take this with passion.”

I undoubtedly ask more on what are his everyday routines as an Officer and he then depicted,” I woke up every 3 o’clock in the morning to setup everything including myself for I need to report by 4:00 AM. I don’t really have to worry with my time because it will just take me around 20 minutes to reach my workplace. Walking down in the cold street while hearing those chirping little birds and waiting the sun to come up are part of my daily routine as well. There was even a time that when I have my strolling on the narrow streets in our village, an attention caught me because of the small voices coming from a dark weedy area and to think I frequently walk over there because the place is really timid but I need to be home early that’s why I took that route. Anyway, I continue walking and just ignored those small voices because maybe I’m just tired or what but still it disturbs me so I tried to find or look over that and surprisingly I found a lady ran out from that area and an old guy chasing after her. I really thought that those scenes could only be seen on movies but it could be on reality also and indeed it’s unbearable to see it. Protecting is my call and I have to do my thing!” I never anticipated that I would hear that story from him, he has his purpose and will to do so.

He continued his story,” The lady’s condition was my top concern since she needed assistance. After that, we brought her to the hospital and found out that she was mugged. I know ‘twas a traumatic experience but she was firm on her statements afterwards to the policemen about the suspected person. I didn’t know more about everything because I know that the policemen could help her better on the investigation. What I could help most, is to be one of the witnesses. I still recognized the man and yes my life now could be in danger but I need to stand on what is right. I need to protect an innocent life.”

I just couldn’t imagine that it could really happen, thinking that everything occurred last year. Relatively fresh news before the year ended! After all, they’ve already arrested the defendant moreover the case is ongoing. No need for me to put everything into detail. It’s still a good news for me as well because scenarios like that would really stun me but good thing we have heroes around that would surely help us.

Threats might be around but don’t let those be the reason for you to be petrified but instead take it as a challenge and guard for what is rightful to everybody. Being a Security Personnel is not an easy job. You need to be clearly visible, vigilant, respond quickly and correctly during crisis. It is sacrificial.

Police Officers and other Law Enforcement Representatives are equipped to arbitrate or act in response when law-breaking violence happens. Rather than this responsive approach to felony, Security Officers even adopt a precautionary approach. In other words, Security Guards avert risks and prevent crime, watch out for impending menace, and report any crime that they may grapple with. All the obligations accomplished by a Security Officer are expected at this one purpose – Prevent the Crime!


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