March, 2016

Top 10 Popular Jobs of 2016 in Australia

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Sherwood - Top 10 Popular Jobs of 2016 in Australia

Employment in Australia has taken centre stage as the economy is slowly making progress with investors around the world getting interested on what our country can provide.


The increase of Australia’s economy means more jobs for aspiring applicants.


So, what are the most popular jobs of 2016 in Australia?

  1. Construction Builders (Carpenters) – due to the boom in businesses, more and more building construction is required, thus carpenters or builders are needed.
  2. Account Managers – every year this profession has a growth of 14 percent since the boom of Australia’s economy. They are needed since they are the ones who articulates the value and return of investment in businesses.
  3. Front end programmers – e-commerce is the leader of increased profitability in the financial market. E-commerce requires websites and landing pages to be created, thus font end programmers are very popular these days. It has been forecasted that every year there is a 50 percent growth demand for this profession.
  4. Teacher Aides & Primary School Teachers – according to the report, the number of primary school teachers and teacher aides has grown slightly of 8.8 percent over the past year.
  5. Architects – with the boom of the construction industry, so as the increase of architects in building and construction.
  6. Forklift Drivers – these are workers that load or transport large goods and materials. The demand for this profession is at high since the increase of the domestic and international online shopping trends.
  7. Government workers – whether contractual or a regular employee, the job ads for local government work has doubled and increased by 77 percent over the past year.
  8. Wildlife Workers – For the past five years, employment and demand had a dramatic increase of 146 percent.
  9. Farm Labourers – in South Australia and Victoria alone, the increase of ads and demand for this profession sky rocketed to 63 percent.
  10. Interior Designers – with a hefty average salary of $76,203 AUD per annum, the increase of job ads for this profession reached 62 percent per year.

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