April, 2017

Take A Look Into Our Fruits And Vegetables

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Every individual is different, but despite the differences, there’s one thing’s common: Every individual loves food. There are those who love fruits or vegetables, meats or seafood, pizza or pasta, sweets and pastries and many to mention. Knowing this, let’s discover on how we could safely store our food. Let’s look into our fruits and vegetables.

It is better that fruits and vegetables should be eaten fresh. However, storing and processing them are acceptable alternatives. This includes pre-prepared, canned, frozen, dried and juiced.

Pre-prepared fruits and vegetables:

Pre-preparing foods come in chopping our favorite fruits and vegetables for salads such as slicing our fresh broccoli, mushrooms, and onions into bite-size pieces. Then, you can put them into containers and store in your refrigerator to preserve. Since it’s been already prepared, you can dress and eat your salad at any day you want.

On the other hand, you can also choose many ways to prepare your favorite fruits but it still goes through the same process of slicing them into pieces, put them into your preferred containers or jars, and store them in your refrigerator for the upcoming days.

Easy as it is! It is very convenient to pre-prepare our food to lessen our food preparation.

Frozen or canned fruits and vegetables:

Freezing conserves the taste, texture, and nutritional value of food better than any other method. It also prevents organisms that cause food decay. Some frozen vegetables include carrots, peas, beans, corn and vegetable mixes. In freezing our favorite vegetables, what we have to do is peel them and cut into sizes. Most canned fruits include pineapple, peaches, apricots, pears and mixed fruits. Select varieties with no added sugar, or those canned in natural juice. Few of canned vegetables include tomatoes, corn, baked beans, beetroot and baby carrots. Preserved fruit and vegetables are pasteurized by heating during the canning process.

Dried fruits and vegetables:

Drying foods can lessen the nutrients of the food. In order not to deteriorate the quality and keep the food safe, we need to properly store it. Drying eradicates water from the surface of the food by the combined effects of air flow, air temperature, and air humidity. The connection between the three is important if drying is successful. In drying them, it keeps the food to last longer without spoilage and helps them from becoming contaminated with microbes. As it is processed, it adds a variety of tastes and a healthy diet to each individual. However, we should not eat more than one served of dried fruit a day; it may lead to tooth decay.

Juiced Fruits and Vegetables:

Consuming fruits and vegetables is undeniably good! But through juicing, you can consume a huge amount of nutrients unlike other food processing and it saves all that much munching and digesting. Also, some veggies and fruits are difficult to digest for some people, so juicing is a great way to get their benefits.

Currently, foods are being prepared through different processes. The above-mentioned processes can still produce the important nutrients and vitamins from fruits and vegetables. Aside from eating them fresh, we can consider the different processes on how we can store them longer, tastier, and to retain the nutrients they contribute.

Be healthy at all times!

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