Language, Literacy and Numeracy Test

Question 1

Fill in the correct word from the brackets and complete the sentence.

  • A.

    The (personal/personnel) officer made a habit of losing his
    (patience/patients) when meetings didn’t proceed as

  • B.

    At (presence/present), (preferable/preferential)
    consideration is given to those who have held office in the (passed/past).

Question 2

Fill in the missing one or two letters in the following words:

  • Advanta eous
  • Awk rd
  • Calend r
  • Commi ment
  • Counc l
  • Insist nt
  • Hurr dly
  • O ortunity
  • Necessari y
  • Pre udice
  • Quarre ed
  • Gram r
  • Ex ept
  • Redund cy
  • Restaur t
  • Serg nt
  • Perman nt
  • Min ture
  • Solicit r
  • Superintend t
  • Lang ge
  • Wh ther
  • Vac m
  • Usua y
  • S nthetic
  • Trave er
  • Arg ment
  • Develo ment
Question 3

Please read the following and answer the questions below:

  • Telephone inquiries should be dealt with clearly with the exact nature of the enquiry, the time, and return contact information recorded. Customer satisfaction may result if information regarding the products and services is given. These include security at special events, general crowd control, security within a shop and site monitoring.

  • Advertising and websites can instigate inquiries, and should be well presented, with details of the services available. Telephone inquiries may sometimes be best resolved by sending the person some information via email or post.

What 2 pieces of information that should be recorded with every telephone enquiry?

State 2 services offered?

What can instigate inquiries?

How may telephone enquiries be best resolved?

Question 4

Calculate the following

A. Subtraction (with NO calculator)

B. Subtraction of Percentages (with NO calculator)

$30.00 - 10% =
$65.00 - 10% =
$35.00 + 10% =
$22.00 – 5% =
$15.00 + 25% =

C. Addition (with No calculator)

Question 5

Please answer the following questions; regarding the Driver’s Licence of Jenny Citizen

Sample Driver Licence Card

What is the Date of Expiry?

When is it Effective From?

Date of Birth?

What is the Licence Number?

Where was it issued?

Question 6

Choose the correctly spelt words.