How to apply

Enrolment Process for Domestic Students

Step 1: Go through the information

To begin the enrolment process, applicants are invited to carefully read the information available (Policies and Procedures and other related information) available on Sherwood Institute of Australia (SIA) website Applicants can also contact SIA regarding any queries or information using email

Step 2: Select Course and complete the Application

The Enrolment Application Form can be downloaded from SIA website or can be requested through email at The completed Enrolment Application Form should be submitted to SIA, along with the following attachments:

  • a copy of the student’s photo identification document
  • Academics.
  • proof of being a domestic student (Australian citizenship proof or proof of New Zealand citizenship or proof of Australian permanent residency)
Enrolment Entry requirements

Points of entry for domestic students:

SIA has the following admission requirements:

  • For all trade Qualifications, You must be working in the relevant industry. Please refer to individual course entry requirements.
  • Entry into this course requires successful completion of an Australian Year 12 qualification or equivalent. However, selection is not based purely on academic performance. Relevant work experience, work samples and other documentation submitted will also be considered.
  • In addition to meeting the academic requirements applicants must demonstrate their competence in literacy and numeracy levels when enrolling into the course. ACSF exit levels 3 are required for enrolment into this course.
  • All students must be of the age 18 years or over at the time of the scheduled course commencement.
  • ACSF exit levels 3 are required for enrolment into the courses.

Step 3: Processing the Enrolment Application

All applications are processed by Administration Team in accordance with the information provided in Enrolment Application Form and documentation submitted along with enrolment application. Domestic applicants will go through the following:

  • Assessment of Eligibility to enter into the course.
  • A day will be fixed before training commencement, when the prospective student will undertake a an LLN test and Pre-Training Review session.
  • If during the Pre-Training Review, prospective student is found to have competency in the same unit as we are delivering or proven skills and experience related to the units we are delivering, Credit transfer or RPL process will trigger and the amount of training will be reduced accordingly.
  • If any support is identified during the enrolment process, SIA will arrange the support according to its relevant policies and procedure.
  • Training commencement will only happen after the prospective student has passed the LLN Test up to the level of course entry requirements and Pre-training review has been conducted.

Step 4: Orientation and Induction

On the successful completion of LLN test and student meets the requirement, Orientation and Induction will be conducted. It may be anytime upon the successful completion of LLN test and PTR. Upon successful outcome of enrolment processing, Admissions Department will confirm the enrolment and will provide the following documents on the same day

  • Confirmation of Enrolment
  • USI factsheet,
  • Copy of Policies and Procedures or the link to the policies and procedures/Student handbook
  • Tax invoice and the Receipt of the payment to the SIA.
  • Proposed Training plan

Step 5: Training Commencement

The student must attend the training sessions as per the Training plan provided to them on the day of orientation and Induction.