March, 2017

How does it feel to be a Security Personnel?

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Sherwood Institute of Australia

Without a doubt, I consider heroes those who risk their lives day by day just to protect our society and make it a better community – Like those who are part of the Police Forces, Firefighters, Security Field Marshal and Soldiers in Rank or members of our Armed Forces.

Forces from the Security Industry can definitely protect you even in their simplest ways. They are not just our typical heroes; they are of great importance to our societies. Imagine how they maintain a safe and secure environment for customers and employees by patrolling and monitoring premises and personnel. Those are not just because of their job or they are asked to do so, but as part of the Security Industry is unquestionably a calling.

Securing the premises and personnel by traversing not just a certain sequestered property but on unrestricted places as well like shopping malls or restaurants; monitoring surveillance equipment; inspecting buildings, equipment, and access points; permitting entry. Some even ensures operation of equipment by completing preventive maintenance requirements; following manufacturer’s instructions; troubleshooting malfunctions; calling for repairs; evaluating new equipment and techniques – these are just few of many functions of a Security Force.

For me to actually know roughly about how is it to be a Certified Security Officer, I requested a friend of mine to share some insights about how is it really to be one. He told me this, “Working in this industry might bring me to some places, like yes it sounds good but of course in reality our lives are on risk but again it’s a calling to be one. This is not just an obligation for work; it’s a job on purpose. We decided to take this track because we know the society needs us and that we take this with passion.”

I undoubtedly ask more on what are his everyday routines as an Officer and he then depicted,” I woke up every 3 o’clock in the morning to setup everything including myself for I need to report by 4:00 AM. I don’t really have to worry with my time because it will just take me around 20 minutes to reach my workplace. Walking down in the cold street while hearing those chirping little birds and waiting the sun to come up are part of my daily routine as well. There was even a time that when I have my strolling on the narrow streets in our village, an attention caught me because of the small voices coming from a dark weedy area and to think I frequently walk over there because the place is really timid but I need to be home early that’s why I took that route. Anyway, I continue walking and just ignored those small voices because maybe I’m just tired or what but still it disturbs me so I tried to find or look over that and surprisingly I found a lady ran out from that area and an old guy chasing after her. I really thought that those scenes could only be seen on movies but it could be on reality also and indeed it’s unbearable to see it. Protecting is my call and I have to do my thing!” I never anticipated that I would hear that story from him, he has his purpose and will to do so.

He continued his story,” The lady’s condition was my top concern since she needed assistance. After that, we brought her to the hospital and found out that she was mugged. I know ‘twas a traumatic experience but she was firm on her statements afterwards to the policemen about the suspected person. I didn’t know more about everything because I know that the policemen could help her better on the investigation. What I could help most, is to be one of the witnesses. I still recognized the man and yes my life now could be in danger but I need to stand on what is right. I need to protect an innocent life.”

I just couldn’t imagine that it could really happen, thinking that everything occurred last year. Relatively fresh news before the year ended! After all, they’ve already arrested the defendant moreover the case is ongoing. No need for me to put everything into detail. It’s still a good news for me as well because scenarios like that would really stun me but good thing we have heroes around that would surely help us.

Threats might be around but don’t let those be the reason for you to be petrified but instead take it as a challenge and guard for what is rightful to everybody. Being a Security Personnel is not an easy job. You need to be clearly visible, vigilant, respond quickly and correctly during crisis. It is sacrificial.

Police Officers and other Law Enforcement Representatives are equipped to arbitrate or act in response when law-breaking violence happens. Rather than this responsive approach to felony, Security Officers even adopt a precautionary approach. In other words, Security Guards avert risks and prevent crime, watch out for impending menace, and report any crime that they may grapple with. All the obligations accomplished by a Security Officer are expected at this one purpose – Prevent the Crime!


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