March, 2017

Good Customer Service At Its Best!

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Satisfaction is the most important thing that we can give to our client. It measures on how the product or services reach to surpass the expectations of the client.

In security industry, we need to ensure our 100% services to protect and provide fast responses for any incident inside the premises. Security job is more likely dealing with many issues from confrontations to emergencies. It might not easy to do this job within the parameters while giving most proper good customer service to the people you have encountered. The basic role as security personnel is to help and protect, that is why you need to be physically fit. Security personnel must also possesses good listening skill, communication skill, and problem solving skill. These skills are major parts of providing quality customer service, if you are aiming for success of your job.

Security runs into interesting scenario that you need to be quick and alert to call the police officer and report of what has happened. There are some points that you need to listen first to your customers and your problem solving skill is being measured with. Communications come to handle the client and your co-worker as well. If you can communicate effectively and clearly, then you have an effective job in line with security industry. Proper communication is very important in this industry because it helps you do your duties and responsibilities quick and effective. For example, if there is someone who gets hurt inside your premises, you can easily provide help and give your accurate services right away. When you are in security industry, you need to be prepared at all times.

These are the right things to do as a security officer when trouble comes. First, examine your premises; observe the situation and make a plan on how to rescue; make sure to know if anybody has a weapon; and bring everyone in one near and safest place. Call police officers for rescue and report what has had happened. In this case, you must apply your training and self-defense experiences. If this is your first time encounter, better make a safest move, especially when you are dealing with life and death situations.

Always keep in mind, as Security Officer, you need to maintain professionalism. Give verbal warning to people who are creating commotions that will affect everyone’s safety and to people who continue making aggressive verbal communication. Educate the people about safety rules and how to protect one self. Encourage them to stay calm and think rationally when worst situations are happening. For everyone you protected and rescued, you’re their Hero!

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