April, 2017

Cook With A Happy Heart!

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It was 2014 after finishing Hotel and Restaurant Management course, the first job offered to me was a Sous Chef. As we all know, the work of a chef is tough, stressful, exposed to heat, and having a not so high salary. I’m not referring to all chefs, but to those who fall in love with the profession; I can say it’s a lifelong career and dedication.

Being a chef, you always have been in love with the food. Cooking is like telling a story to the consumer; it depends on your mood and the type of cuisine you will prepare. Yet, mastery in a certain type of cuisine has been very important, in a way that you should know who are the people used to eat this kind of food.

Working as Sous Chef of the hotel, you have to wake up early in the morning to assist the head chef in preparing food for the hungry tummies and satisfy your guests’ cravings. Prepare daily needs in the kitchen smoothly and safely. Serve the food with clean and awesome plating that will catch your guests’ excitement to eat. Being creative is one of the qualifications that a chef will possess. Creating an art to the food you prepare will give more attraction and beauty. But sometimes, you will feel worried because some guests may not like the taste, or I should say, they may not meet their food taste expectations. You always have to think that food is their happiness.

With my experience, I always love making a sound in the kitchen, a noise that it’s not irritating; it’s like music to my ears. Sometimes, I wanted to dance following the beats of the sound while cooking. In that way, I can show to my workmates that I am happy with what I am doing.

It took me 3-4 months to fully understand the main job of the Sous Chef. Day by day, I learned how to build a team and make friends with my colleagues who became my second family. This is one of the helpful steps to perform your job well if you have a healthy and happy working environment; when you’re surrounded by good and trusted workmates.

As a chef, always remember that food brings Love, Peace, and Compassion to the table. Always give your best shot to show the people your passion and true love of cooking. Cook with a happy heart!

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